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The Everyday Racism Project - The Beginnings of a Dream

"No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they must be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."- Nelson Mandela

So said the late great Nelson Mandela. During his extraordinary life, he was the living embodiment of those greatest of human qualities; love and forgiveness. If one man could change an entire nation, based on the premise of loving and forgiving one another, then I’m sure that a few like minded people who read this post can do the same in changing attitudes towards race. 

My reasoning for creating the Everyday Racism Project wasn’t a sudden spontaneous idea. It was formed after being subjected to years of racial quips, comments and remarks, in much the same way that the vast majority of women are subjected to sexist comments throughout much of their life.

If we were to go into all the instances, it would actually beggar belief, considering that we live in the 21st Century. Now, some of you might say that I’m being too sensitive with an issue such as this. It’s something I’ve heard a lot - “Oh, he’s just joking”, “Oh she’s from that generation where everyone made racist comments”, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Ignore it and it will go away”.

Try telling that to Stephen Lawrence’s family, or Rosa Parks who defied anarchic US legislation and refused to give up her seat to a white passenger 51 years ago. Did Nelson Mandela just ignore the evil apartheid regime? He fought against it and the world stood with him. 

The fight has not stopped however. It goes on and through a process of vocalisation and education, we can put an end to racial prejudice. Joining me on this journey to the ‘promised land’ is the uncompromising feminist blogger and creative superstar, Robyn Harris aka @theramblinggirl. She eloquently penned a call to action, as well as her thoughts on joining the project:

I have been rather generously gifted the wonderful opportunity of co-administering the Everyday Racism Project on Twitter. If you’re familiar with the Everyday Sexism Project, then you’ll not be unfamiliar with the kind of goals myself and my co-admin, @EdwardJamesH, are aiming to reach. With limitless enthusiasm, and a tight, unforgiving grasp, we would like to invite Twitter users to share any experiences they have had with racism, or any situations in which they have encountered the belligerence of racism, by including #EverydayRacism in their respective tweets to us.

With limitless enthusiasm, and a tight, unforgiving grasp, we would like to invite Twitter users to share any experiences they have had with racism, or any situations in which they have encountered the belligerence of racism, by including #EverydayRacism in their respective tweets to us.

Before I conclude, however, I feel as if I should explain my involvement in the Everyday Racism Project. I understand greatly that, as a white person of a privileged disposition, there is little I can truly do to understand the true effect that racism has on people of colour, in the modern day. My role in the project, therein, may cause offence to some. It is not my intention to attempt to speak for any person of colour, and I will not be imposing any of my personal views on matters of racism, as I understand that it is not my place to. It is only my intention to observe, and to listen to those whose voices need so desperately to be heard. And, thus, I will only be sharing quotes and articles that have been penned by other writers, theorists, and people of colour. Amongst other things, of course.

Please feel free to interact with us on our Twitter account @everyday_racism, and do get in touch with Robyn and myself, as we will be sharing and retweeting works of interest on matters of racial prejudice.

In the meantime, I leave you with this thought. A friend of mine once asked me what the difference was, between him and myself. I instantly replied, that the only difference, was that I could stay out in the Sun for a longer period of time than him. He instantly fell into fits of laughter and replied, “That’s so fucking true”. It’s only skin deep, the differences between all of us. If we can work towards a more harmonious and prejudice-free society, then the world will indeed be a better place. One day, we will reach that promised land.

Everyday Racism Project

Inspiring Interviews: Scarlett Clark of Scriptoeris


Confidence is a virtue. Ambition and determination are aspects of a personality that should be admired and cherished. So, when these qualities are demonstrated at a young age, then you know you are in the presence of someone truly special and unique. The individual who has demonstrated these qualities in abundance is Scarlett Clark, who as a young journalist English journalist recently took a leap of faith in launching an outlet that wasn’t on the market; a magazine for smart twenty-somethings: Scriptoeris.

Her first internship in the industry was at just 14 years old in the United States. Writing is her number one passion and she grew up winning several poetry competitions as well as writing songs, plays and short stories. She has interned at several magazines and newspapers as well as having studied at the prestigious University of Bath and Sapienza in Rome where she grew fond of Latin and Ballroom dancing, in fact she now competes! When she’s not writing or dancing, she is a self confessed aimless wanderer. Before hitting twenty she had already lived in three countries and now has six languages under her belt (she insists that Latin doesn’t count!). She is one fearless female whose mission has been to launch a project that would have a little impact on the world and through Scriptoeris she is achieving exactly that!

So how did I chance upon this inspiring individual? Well, Scarlett and the Scriptoeris team actually reached out to me via Twitter. They had been closely following and reading my blog and according to Scarlett, they were impressed by the content and positive outlook of the blog. Now at this point in time, Scriptoeris was still an unknown quantity to me. Scripto-who? But after having done some research and some exhaustive reading, I found that they produced some highly intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable material. 

Within a couple of months, we had set the ball rolling for a collaboration which to all intents and purposes would be beneficial to both. We both produced highly intelligent and engaging content, so the next obvious step was to produce content for each other’s respective sites.

All of the above has taken us to where we are today. It may have taken some time but this is the first of a very bright and potentially fruitful collaboration. 

Scarlett Clark, welcome to Intellectual Masculinity. Now before we get started here are some fun facts about the bubbly blonde: 

  • Blondie and Rolling Stones are my go-to tunes on a hectic day
  • I was named after Scarlett O’Hara , main protagonist of Gone With the Wind
  • I live by the mantra- ‘joy’s soul lies in the living’ - William Shakespeare.
  • I have written a diary every year since I was nine so when I am an old lady I’ll have something interesting to read
  • When I hear a song I love I get the urge to spontaneously dance, whether in the supermarket, in my flat or on a street.
  • My dream is to live on an Australian beach even though I have never been there. 

 Let’s get started!


IM: Scriptoeris is a powerful representation of the intelligent and creative young woman you are. What inspired you to launch it and what is the background behind it? Tell us what it means to you…

SC: Firstly, thank you for those kind words. Scriptoeris means the world to me.It’s a running joke that I started writing before walking.  It has always been my dream to write for a magazine but growing up there wasn’t a channel that suited my personality. I didn’t want to read about losing weight or boyfriend troubles and neither did my friends. This summer looking for job opportunities I realised that the magazine I wanted to write for didn’t exist, so I created it. Scriptoeris is a collection of how-to articles; I like to think of it as a little survival kit for twenty something year olds. I have a lot of experience in journalism, editorial and public relations so I felt ready, soon enough Scriptoeris was up and running and I haven’t looked back since.

IM: What does a typical day look like for you?

SC: Every week is different to be honest (everyday does start with coffee though). I check in with the Scriptoeris team members, the magazine wouldn’t function without them. With contributors all over the world I am often on skype, on my phone or email. I often meet up with potential clients in the morning and in the afternoon I go exploring. I am always looking out for inspiration whether it be for new sections, the site format or inspirational individuals I have my eyes peeled and pen at the ready.

IM: What career did you originally want to pursue?

SC: My mum has actually kept a school notebook from year 3, I wrote that one day I would be a writer. I think this says it all - my career choice has never changed.  Writing has always been either a form of expression or a way to escape. Whilst other kids wanted to sing or act or become ballerinas I aspired to be Matilda from Road Dahl. I even dragged a red wheelbarrow around to cart by books home from the library

IM: What do you like most about your creative pursuits?

SC: Interacting with like minded individuals. I love meeting bright people breaking into the industry or individuals as enthusiastic and passionate as I am. Although, having the chance to work on an outlet that I was seeking for so many years has to be up there.

IM: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far, and how did you overcome it?

SC: As an entrepreneur you face challenges every day. The first greatest challenge I experienced was probably launching Scriptoeris.

My goal was to create an outlet for smart women; I did this though without knowing to what extent this site was wanted. I guess that I just had faith in the project; in fact I have never stopped believing in its growth.

On a daily basis, I do set high targets and that in itself can lead to quandaries.

IM: What are the biggest challenges facing young entrepreneurial women today? 

SC: I have learnt overtime that women facing women is a difficulty.

Females can be naturally critical or competitive; women should be supporting each other though. The amount of time wasted on knocking fellow colleagues or people you don’t know is ludicrous. Women could rule the world if only they stuck together.

This may not be the biggest challenge but in my opinion, it’s the predominant one that needs to change.

IM: Do you see any future projects in store for you, maybe having a book published? 

SC: I would love to write a book. At this moment in time Scriptoeris is my baby so I can’t promise anything to happen soon but I have some ideas in the pipeline so stay tuned. I don’t want to jump from dream to dream though so I reckon it’s a far way off.

IM: You have travelled to many destinations in your time. What would be your favourite destination and why? Where would you like to travel to next? 

SC: Wow, what a question! Bali, Indonesia was incredible, the views and beaches were all stunning and the people were so gentile. I also love the Caribbean; nothing can beat swimming with turtles. Close to home however, I grew up in Italy. My tiny hometown is called San Ginesio that is still a favourite place of mine. It’s a tiny village in the countryside, everyone is so humble and family values are very important. Give me a pair of wellington boots and a log fire and I’m one happy lady! South Africa is next on my list. I imagine it to be magical so maybe I’ll add that to my New Year’s resolution list. 

IM: What’s next for Scriptoeris? We have noted that they are expanding rapidly, especially overseas!

SC: I am such a traveller that I always set out for Scriptoeris to be an international magazine. Scriptoeris derives from the Latin for travelling writer so therein lies the clue behind the name. Initially, I thought that my friends and family members would be the only ones to read it however very quickly it has become a hub for females all over the world. It’s fantastic to witness and ever so rewarding. What’s next? Well, the Christmas issue is now up and running which is an issue I have been working on for a while, I am a child when it comes to this time of year. We have a new section coming soon and a few surprises in store for the Scriptoeris readers to welcome in the New Year – it’s all ever so exciting!

IM: If you could give any advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs what would it be? 

SC: Have presence. I say to the team that the sales person can’t talk up the product if the product doesn’t achieve that itself. When walking into a room no matter who knocks you, you should leave the room with the same attitude as when you entered it. Also, it is important to stay true to yourself! In such industries it’s easy to get caught up in the triviality and pettiness of it all.  As well as this, don’t be fearful. Pitch your idea, talk to that someone, start your dream.

If you can feel it in your heart, then you can do it. You know you’re there when suddenly your reality becomes better than your dreams. 

IM: What does Scriptoeris bring to the table that other career-centric outlets don’t? We’re already in love with your mission!

SC: Thanks for the support, if you walk into local news agents, how many magazines are telling you about the new method to lose weight or how to make your boyfriend happy? All of them! The aim for Scriptoeris has always been to give readers exclusive information in order to excel academically, forge a successful career path and travel/live abroad. Rather than read about Rome, Madrid and Paris, we have contributors actually living there and writing about it. It’s the same with events and inspirational people, there are so many beneficial events happening or young people doing well and Scriptoeris wants to bring them to the light.

Ultimately, we are giving you all the information you need to define your decade!

Has this inspired you to help define the decade? It doesn’t matter who you are…male or female, the objectives of Intellectual Masculinity and Scriptoeris are to help individuals define the decade. 

For more information on Scarlett Clark and Scriptoeris click on the links below: 

Scriptoeris | Facebook | Twitter | Scarlett Clark

Until next time, stay inspired and help define the decade. 

Inspiring Interviews: Severina of 31 Days Of Awesome

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Inspiring Interviews series. Now some of you may be wondering why the inspiring individuals have tended to be women. There is a simple answer for this. Women tend to be under-represented across all walks of life and as such, it is important to highlight the inspiring women that we meet on a daily basis, rather than the females who bag the headlines. 

Severina is one such individual. The creator of 31DaysOf Awesome, Sevey (to give her short name) or Neon Spandex (more on that later!) as she is known on Twitter, has built the site upon the foundations of finding awesomeness in all of life’s trials and tribulations. As her site says:

The purpose of this project started with the premise to reconnect with yourself, live life and find the AWESOME in everyday.

Let’s put life under a microscope. The majority of us are always seeking that perfect work/life balance. Even for someone like Sevey who lives and works in Chicago, that is the ultimate test. Many never achieve that perfect balance and we find ourselves running on that never-ending treadmill which we call the ‘rat-race’. 

Life in/on the ‘rat-race’ however does not have to be mundane. There are little gems that waiting to be pounced upon and found. Sevey does just that. She takes the mundane occurrences in everyday life such as flying on a plane, or going on holiday and turns them into things which are completely awesome. 

In doing so, it ensures that we reconnect with the little joys that make life enjoyable. It’s not the pay-checks (though they do help in today’s world), but the ways in which we stay balanced and focused through each of the challenges that life throws in our way. Sevey and 31DaysOfAwesome shows us that you really can be awesome if you really try.

Tellingly, I was introduced to Sevey by the first participant in the Inspiring Interviews series, Amy Lynne Hayes of Creatrice Mondial!

So without further ado, let’s welcome Sevey to Intellectual Masculinity. 

IM: Welcome to Intellectual Masculinity. Tell us about yourself…

Neon Spandex: About three years ago, when I was still living in New York City, I decided to try out for The Bachelor on a whim. I hadn’t thought this through at all and was therefore surprised when the other thousand girls came prepared with acting portfolios, screenshots and completed applications. The first thing they asked us was to list adjectives our friends would use to describe us (shocking, I know). The other girls took out the novels they had written about themselves prior to the interview. I texted my friends. (Cheating? I’m still on the fence).

Their answers:
• Adventurous
• Bold
• Spontaneous
• Spirited
• Authentic
• Cheese Glutton
• Committed
• Smelly (compliments of my brother)
• Loyal
• Spunky (For us Brits, see Edgy, otherwise Spunky could take on a whole new meaning)

My take:
• I find increasingly that I am my own worst critic
• I have a spunk for life born out of my family history and those individuals that raised me
• I spent my entire life thinking my mom and I had all the same traits. It was only after she passed and I grew up that I realized that my dad and I have the same gregarious personality. He is my sounding board these days
• I love cheese, late night dinners and movies in movie theatres
• I love staying up late even though it makes my mornings miserable. The nights fill me with possibilities
• I have big ideas about where I’d like life to go
• I believe in the exception and not the rule. Some call this optimism
• I can be stubborn but I take constructive criticism well
• I will always love my first passion, figure skating
• I love neon spandex (there’s your answer!)


(Photo Credit: Neon Spandex)

IM: What career did you originally want to pursue? What changed? How did you end up working for a financial institution in corporate America? 

NS: I attended an economic-minded prestigious liberal arts school. I had big dreams about dominating corporate America with my fellow students. I dreamed about climbing the ladder and one day owning my own company. I’m not sure if I knew exactly what field that would be in, but I imagined myself in a grey suit with briefcase in hand from an early age. I probably watched too many movies. 

I’ve learned that no path is a straight line. I’m six years out of college and at my third job. I didn’t know I would end up here and couldn’t have guessed I’d have the experiences I have now. I started at a small global consulting firm and hated it. Eventually, I found a different type of consulting that fit more of my strengths and skill set and I’ve been on that path ever since. It has been rewarding, for the most part.
Not surprisingly, the true nature of corporate America is eye-opening. Definitely not something Sandra Bullock would be cast in. Nevertheless, I would say that I’ve had a somewhat un-corporate experience within. For this I am grateful.

IM: Is there anything you dislike about the field?

NS: I work in a fairly new niche field called business intelligence consulting. This has its pros and cons. While it’s fun to be part of a small subset of financial consulting, it can also get frustrating sometimes.  The type of consulting I engage in is growing, but as with anything that is new, a great deal of work and showmanship is required to be truly successful. Unfortunately, this trickles from the top down and requires staff on all levels to prove their worth. The good news is that when I am able to complete an interesting engagement or help a client with some pertinent information, it’s extremely rewarding. 

IM: Tell us about your creative pursuits, for example your love of figure skating and Russian food!

NS: My creative pursuits have become increasingly important to me. As I continue to make my way through corporate America, the creative side of life helps me to keep balance and forces me to explore and think about where I would like my professional life to lead.

The creative side of my life truly began with figure skating. I started skating at the age of four in Ukraine. One morning, after the culminating efforts of my entire family, my grandfather took me to the rink (no small feat in the Soviet Union!) and laced up my skates for the first time. As the story goes, I took a few steps, wiped out, and the rest is history. I skated competitively for 22 years and still turn to skating as an outlet.
Writing is a passion I’ve found more recently that has become a staple in my life. I never imagined I would be writing a lifestyle blog.


(Photo Credit: Neon Spandex)

IM: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far, and how did you overcome it?

NS: In terms of my writing, I feel challenged every week by what to write. I overthink it too much and often worry about how each post is coming across. I want to make sure to be publishing quality. I psyche myself out about it too much. This in itself has been a great challenge that pushes me.

As far as challenges in my life, I feel like I can point to several. The one I always go back to, though, is the challenges I faced when my family first immigrated to America on my sixth birthday. I was so young, but old enough to feel different. Even at that age, I knew I felt like I had to work hard to keep up with the other kids in school. I remember sitting in bed with my parents on Saturday mornings and going over my ABC’s, learning to write cursive and striving to be accepted into the advanced math program at school. I believe these events helped to shape the spirit and motivation I carry today.

IM: In your opinion, what’s the biggest misconception that people have of creative types?

NS: Often, I find that people believe an individual can only be placed in a creative/non-creative bucket. Sometimes it’s hard for people to wrap their head around the fact that my day job is concentrated in the financial realm but I write on the side. To be honest, my pull towards writing has taken me by surprise as well. I’ve definitely learned that as individuals we have many dimensions.

IM: You have a deep enthusiasm and unquenchable zest for life which is very endearing. This is reflected in your blog posts as well. How do you manage to stay positive and focused?

NS: What a great question! It’s hard. Is the honest answer. I am honoured when people identify my zest for life. I’ve been through some hard things in my young life and not every day is easy. There are days when staying positive and focused is more challenging. Since I was young, I’ve compartmentalized my life. When I was a teenager, I would think about my life in buckets: family, friends, school, skating, etc. As we get older, I find that the buckets change and shift and combine, but for me, having perspective is all about identifying challenging areas in your life and working on what you can control. I try to remind myself of all the things I have going on and how blessed I am. 

I’m also wildly enthusiastic about the small things in life. Like late night pizza and random acts of kindness!


(Photo Credit: Neon Spandex)

IM: Your blog – 31DaysOfAwesome – is a humorous and insightful representation of the confident lady and creator you are. What inspired you to launch your blog? What is the background behind it? Tell us about what it means to you.

NS: 31 DaysOfAwesome has been such a positive personal achievement for me. The idea came to me about a year and a half ago as I was leaving my New York City apartment. I thought about some of the challenges I had been dealing with at the time and the exercises I was doing to help myself through. I was grieving for my mom and a failed relationship. I was thinking about where I wanted to live long term and where I wanted life to take me. It was a messy time during which I felt a bit lost.

During this time, I looked into doing some de-stress exercises, such as keeping a journal, in order to help keep perspective. When the light bulb went off, I felt like I could write about “my adventures” and the Awesome that I find in life. I threw in a sprinkle of my usual sarcasm and the blog was born.

IM: What’s next for 31DaysOfAwesome and for you?

NS: Another great question.  And as soon as I know I’ll get back to you!

I would like to step it up with my blog and my writing in general. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now and still find immense joy in hitting the submit button for each post. I would love to give the blog a bigger stage and maybe even turn it into a book someday.  

IM: You have travelled to many destinations in your time. What would be your favourite destination and why? Where would you like to travel to next? 

NS: I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing travel experiences.  Travel is one aspect of my life I don’t think I could live without.  If I had to choose my favourite trip, I would have to go with Cuba.  It was the trip with the most soul.  I travelled to Cuba on a humanitarian trip with about 10 friends in 2009. 

The trip was eye-opening and emotional for me.  Having been born in a communist country and having left with the hope for a better life at such a young age, I don’t have too many memories of that life.  Cuba is still unchanged and has many Russian influences due to Cold War alliances.

While in Cuba, I met incredibly genuine people, saw struggle and love, heard music my mom used to sing to me at bedtime and swam in the clearest turquoise water I’ve ever seen.


(Photo Credit: Neon Spandex)

IM: If you could give any advice to an aspiring writer, blogger or all-round awesome person such as yourself, what would it be? 

NS: Just do it. Starting things are hard. Usually no clear path is drawn and the thought of “putting yourself out there” is somewhat terrifying. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, just get up in the morning and take the first step. I find that fear and taking the initial plunge is the only thing that holds me back.

IM: Sum up what ‘Awesome’ means to you?

NS: Awesome is a way of thinking.  It’s the ability to find the small or big things in everyday that make this life so fantastically eclectic and ever-changing.  Awesome is the extent to which life is multi-dimensional.  Awesome is the fact that we never know what’s around the next corner. 

IM: This interview series is dedicated to the most inspiring individuals that we come across everyday. Who is the most inspiring individual you have met and why?

NS: I draw inspiration from so many individuals and so many things every week. Recently, Harry Rosen and Tig Notaro have been inspiring me (I’ve blogged about both).

If I have to give an individual that has been the most inspiring to me of all time, then I have to go with my mother. As I get older, I think about the life my mom lived, not as my mother, but as an individual who had dreams of her own, who also saw her own mother pass away at a young age. I think about the intense spirit with which she lived her life. She always believed anything was possible and supported any and all of my dreams, ideas and ludicrous notions.

In many ways, my mom didn’t have 1/10th the opportunities I’ve been given. And yet, she was hopeful, determined and full of life until the day she died.

IM: What’s your personal ethos? Is there a motto or mantra that you live by each day?

NS: I have a few:

1) Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.
2) Breathe.
3) GO. 

If you found Sevey and her work inspirational then find out more by clicking on the links below:

31DaysOfAwesome | About Me | Facebook | Twitter

Until next time, stay inspired. 

I Am A Lisboaeta

Some cities capture your imagination and are filled with joy and wonderment. Some cities leave you despairing so much so that you can’t wait to board the next flight out. But then there are some cities which simply take your breath away and leave you with that feeling of never wanting to leave. Lisboa did just that.

Now that I’m back in London it’s time to write up my thoughts on Portugal and Lisbon as a whole. So stay tuned.

Inspiring Interviews: Geraldine Estevez of The PR Woman

Hello and welcome again to our fourth interview in the inspiring interviews series. This week it’s the turn of Geraldine Estevez, or better known as The PR Woman.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

With Geraldine, or Gera as she likes to call herself, arriving in London next week, we’re taking the opportunity to give all of you an insight into her life, her work and her experiences. 

Born in Santiago in the Dominican Republic, she settled in the USA at an early age. Growing up, she developed a passion for writing, travelling and er…shopping (more on that later). Gera and I first encountered each other through social media, as is the case with the majority of personal and professional relationships in this social media driven age. Her blog post entitled "How To Lose A PR Woman In 10 Days", was a humorous take on the complexities of the dating scene. Moreover, it was an invaluable lesson to males and females, on how to keep things simple. Being newly single after a five year relationship, reading posts such as hers made the dating experience far less daunting.

Pretty soon, we were interacting on social and predominantly Twitter, on a daily basis. As a PR professional she offered me the opportunity to be interviewed for her blog and I duly obliged. That post, which was a first for me (believe it or not), was an undoubted success, thanks to Gera’s great PR skills. She distributed the post across every social media platform available and with endless joy and humility. 

What struck me about Gera was her unbridled enthusiasm, confidence and ability to conjure words which capture the imagination. As she rightly states on the ‘About Me’ section of her blog, she “developed a fascination for the English language at an early age”, and it shows. Most of her posts focus on the trials and tribulations of being a honest, hardworking young graduate in that most unforgiving of cities, New York.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

'If you can make it there' as ol' blue eyes once sang, 'you can make it anywhere', and Gera has certainly made the most of the opportunities that have come her way. She has slowly and steadily forged the beginnings of a career as a social media specialist, whilst all the while developing her own very successful brand. Her confidence tied to an outgoing and determined personality make her a fine addition to this series. This confidence is exemplified in her recent decision to integrate her personal instagram with her professional account. 

I’ve decided to unite my “personal” and professional Instagrams. I divided the two because I love mini-dresses and bikinis. That, to me, didn’t seem appropriate for The PR Woman’s IG. However, the separation of my brand and myself is a challenge I’m no longer willing to take on. I’m an intelligent, outgoing and determined woman, but I’m also a confident, beautiful woman who works out and loves her body. Why should I separate myself from my brand? The PR Woman is an enterprising woman, but she is also a woman who loves to wear what she loves to wear! I am The PR Woman, and The PR Woman is me.

The simple action of uniting her two accounts is the act of a confident young lady. So without further ado, let’s welcome the beautiful Geraldine Estevez. 

IM: Tell us about yourself…

GE: Hi! I’m Geraldine Estevez, but most people call me Gera or G. I’m a writer, avid traveller and as many of you know by now, a recovering shopaholic. The “recovering” part is a joke, since that’s not something I actually want to recover from.

IM: You’re an intensely creative individual. Tell us more about your creative pursuits…

GE: I love cheese! As I’ve grown fonder and fonder of travel, I’ve become more interested in cultures and each person’s story.

"We’re so busy that we sometimes forget that everybody is going through their own, distinct struggles".

I love learning from others, and I guess fashion and food both reveal an aspect of each individual, including myself. 

As far as creative pursuits go, I’m a writer first and foremost. It has always been a goal of mine, a dream really, to get a book published. I’m not rushing the process or what that story will be though, because I’m confident everything will fall into place when the time is right. And when that time comes, I intend to be ready and equipped to handle my own PR.

I’ve been trying out copywriting, which I enjoy very much – even in Spanish! I’m also getting the hang of photography. This weekend, I’m going to start submitting freelance articles, as well as blog posts. I’m all over the place, but I love what I do!


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

IM: How did you decide on a career in Public Relations? 

GE: Public Relations and I sort of “met” by accident. After failing the radiology program and graduating with an associate degree in liberal arts, I applied for a four-year-college with intentions of becoming a physician assistant. Shortly after my acceptance and before entering school, I realized that liking something isn’t enough. I dreaded studying and knew a career in science would require a great deal of it.
Somewhat envious of those who had known since childhood what they wanted to do with their lives, I decided to revisit my past.

A trip down memory lane revealed that my passions were there all along, but I’d been so busy running around in circles of indecisiveness, I’d miss them altogether. I knew I wanted a career that requires a lot of writing, but I also knew I didn’t want a degree in writing. Since I’d already been accepted into the four-year-college, I explored their options and stumbled on public relations, an accurate description of all the things I’m passionate about – writing and communications.

 IM: Your website - The PR Woman – is a humorous yet intelligent take on PR and your life in general. What inspired you to launch the site? What is the background behind it? Tell us what it means to you…

GE: You think my blog is humorous? I’m flattered! I don’t consider myself comedic, but it’s refreshing to hear (or read) that I am. As I shared on the ‘about me’ section of my blog, I’d contemplated the idea of launching a blog for years. As a writer, I knew I wanted an outlet to express myself, but I wasn’t sure what I’d write about – until I got accepted into the PR program. Things fell into place after that.

The PR Woman is…my project, my vision, my dream, my passion and more…all in one.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

IM: What does a typical day look like for you?

GE: That’s an interesting question to ask a PR professional! Every day is different, and yet in some ways, alike.

In the morning, before going to work, I have my cup of coffee and draft blog posts. I usually take a look at social media while on the train, on my way to work. I love seeing what different brands are up to. On Instagram, besides following PR professionals, I love following magazines and photographers. Magazines are always present at events, and photographers tend to do an amazing job at capturing many of the places I’d like to travel to.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

At work, I have weekly responsibilities, such as reports, postings and more. I’m currently a social media coordinator, so I create Twitter and Facebook posts in English and Spanish for significant brands! Then, there are events, which I enjoy, especially since they shake me right out of the routine.

After work, I like to read while listening to classical music. Sometimes, I go out after work, but that’s more likely to happen on a Friday than any other day of the week. Other times, I’m invited to events, such as T-Mobile’s Unleash Event.

IM: What do you dislike about Public Relations?

GE: A few weeks ago, I was asked this question and couldn’t find anything I disliked. Now, I’m beginning to notice that with a career, especially one in PR, the line between personal and professional time is blurred. Not being able to fully disconnect from work is something I find challenging, and I’m still learning to navigate.

IM: How do you overcome the challenges and obstacles that you encounter in the City That Never Sleeps?

GE: How I cope with a challenge depends on the challenge itself. Sometimes I ask others for advice; I used to be very hesitant about this in the past. For the most part, I take a deep breath, write about it if I feel the need to and the one thing that always seems to work – I remind myself that the challenge or obstacle I’m facing is temporary. It will pass.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

IM: What are the biggest challenges facing young entrepreneurial women today? 

GE: I believe all young entrepreneurs face similar challenges – uncovering what it is they truly want to do and finding balance between life and work. Women will sometimes be discriminated against – our society is far from perfect – but the workplace is set up in a way that any woman who chooses to work hard and never give up can succeed.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

IM: You’re a keen traveller. What destinations have you travelled to and which ones are you most likely to return to?

I haven’t travelled as much as I’d like, but I’m getting there. When I was 16 years old, I chose a cruise to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico instead of a Sweet 16. If given the option, I’d choose the cruise all over again! That’s probably when my fascination for travel began.

I’ve been to California and loved it so much, I’m contemplating a move there. I’ve revisited the Dominican Republic, where I was born. I’ve also been to Texas and the local states – New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. I’m most likely to return to California and the Dominican Republic, because both are beautiful, and I have family members residing in both. 

IM: By what mantra or motto do you live?

GE: It varies depending on what I’m going through, but here’s one I love:

“Speak of things that are not, for they become”.

IM: What’s next for your blog, The PR Woman?

GE: What you’ve seen thus far is just the beginning. I want to host my own networking event. I’d like to be invited to many more events. My vision for The PR Woman is big.


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

IM: What’s next for you? What plans do you have for 2014?

GE: I don’t have a set plan. I just know I want to do more of what I love!

IM: If you could give any advice to an aspiring PR pro, what would it be?

GE: If you have a dream, don’t waste time trying to convince yourself of some easy way out because of the challenges. Dreams are persistent, and your desire to do what you love will only grow with time!


(Photo Credit: Geraldine Estevez)

IM: Anything else we might have missed that you’d like to add?

GE: We can’t call it quits without another one of my favorite quotes –

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”. – Henry David Thoreau

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Be inspired. Until next time friends. 

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